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  • Fact #2: I read various genres and cannot identify with a favorite one. Contemporary, romance, fantasy, mystery, suspense, non-fiction, I have read them all.
  • Fact #2: My car is named Reggie, and I named it after my Koenigsegg Regera from Need for Speed. Even though my car is nowhere near as fast as the Regera.
  • Fact #3: I didn't start actively playing video games until 5 years ago. My gamer friends find it hard to believe since I now play almost every day.

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Hello guys, my name is Monica and I am a guest writer here at TipsTro.

I hail from the bustling city of São Paulo, and at the age of 21, I made the bold decision to embark on a worldwide adventure with nothing but my trusty backpack. Presently, I reside in the vibrant city of London, England. However, I have also had the pleasure of calling the sunny shores of Florida, in the United States, and the enchanting town of Livingstone, nestled in the heart of Zambia, my temporary homes.

I thoroughly enjoy engaging in stimulating conversations, possessing an insatiable addiction to the invigorating elixir of coffee, and surrendering myself to the captivating world of fiction through literature. I embrace my nerdy inclinations, fueling my curiosity and inner yearning for adventure. The act of meeting new individuals, attentively listening to their narratives, forging lasting memories, embarking on leisurely strolls, and embarking on voyages of discovery to uncharted destinations fills me with immense delight.

I embarked on my journey in the iGaming industry in 2018, although my expertise in digital content and website optimization spans over a decade. From the very beginning, I dedicated myself to crafting engaging online experiences and honing my skills in optimizing websites. With more than 10 years of valuable experience under my belt, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the digital landscape and have witnessed firsthand the rapid evolution of the industry. Through continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest trends, I strive to deliver exceptional results for every project I undertake.

I embarked on my online writing journey for an eSports news website intending to penetrate the South African and Portuguese markets. However, my path quickly diverged as I delved into creating an array of content encompassing game reviews, tournament updates, and comprehensive betting analyses for some of the globe's most prominent and widely-known platforms.

Considering this, I believe it's only natural that I've developed a strong interest (a milder word for obsession) in eSports. I spend a significant amount of my leisure time experimenting, watching, and keeping up with news about various games in order to be able to write about them.

I have an affinity for nearly all video game genres, but my personal favorite happens to be role-playing games (RPGs). Throughout my gaming journey, I have immersed myself in an array of titles, including Sims 3 and 4, Oldschool RuneScape, Planet Coaster, Dragon Age Origins, and the renowned Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Additionally, I have delved into the captivating universe of Borderlands, succumbing to its allure for countless hours. Oh, and there was a brief period where I simply could not tear myself away from the gripping world of Fortnite.

I was incredibly fortunate to have ventured into the iGaming sector during a time when there was an influx of South African players riding the wave. Coming from a completely different background (I studied business development), the learning curve was a tad monotonous for me, but the end result was truly worth it. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have seized the opportunity and embarked on this thrilling journey alongside the burgeoning community of South African gamers.

I acquired most of my expertise through hands-on experience, but I also gleaned a great deal from industry luminaries. In fact, served as one of my go-to resources when I was seeking to expand my knowledge on certain subjects (which is why I am immensely proud to be part of their team of experts today).

My main differentiating factor lies in my understanding and keen interest in psychology, as I utilize this knowledge to decipher players' behavior. It is my belief that this unique perspective allows me to delve deeper into the intricacies of their actions and motivations. By unraveling the complexities of the human mind, I gain valuable insights that aid in analyzing their gameplay strategies. With a profound grasp of psychological dynamics, I am able to decode the underlying patterns and make informed decisions to optimize performance.

I excel at demystifying intricate concepts and effectively communicating them in straightforward terms. I recognize that the iGaming industry draws readers from various backgrounds, and I strive to employ plain and lucid language to ensure smooth comprehension of my articles by all.

I have a deep love for reading and creating content on a wide range of topics, which is why I found it rather effortless to tailor my knowledge to meet the industry's demands. It brings me great joy to immerse myself in the written word and craft engaging material that captivates and informs readers. The seamless fusion of my passion and expertise allows me to effortlessly navigate through the dynamic landscape of content creation, ensuring that I deliver valuable insights and thought-provoking narratives. Whether it's delving into the realms of literature, exploring the intricacies of science, or delving into the depths of human nature, I relish the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and contribute to the ever-evolving world of content.

Today, working alongside this amazing team of experts from, my goal is to deliver high-quality iGaming content to South African readers. In collaboration with this exceptional group of specialists, my aim is to provide top-notch iGaming articles to the South African audience. Together with the skilled professionals at, my objective is to bring the South African readership premium iGaming content. With the invaluable support of the team, my mission is to present the South African audience with exceptional iGaming content. Partnering with the talented experts at, I am committed to offering the South African readers a superb selection of iGaming material.

Whether it's game Review, betting tips, news articles, or fact-checking, I am always prepared to deliver my utmost as a writer. I'm here to provide top-notch content, be it insightful game breakdowns, expert betting advice, up-to-date news pieces, or meticulous fact verification. Rest assured, I am fully committed to delivering high-quality writing that meets your needs.

As stated earlier, my initial area of focus was business development. However, once I stumbled upon the realm of iGaming, there was no turning back for me. In my leisure hours, I derive pleasure from indulging in sports spectating, going for walks, delving into literature, composing written pieces, engaging in video gaming, and revisiting episodes of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

In addition to crafting iGaming content, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in discussions about innovation, technology, investments, cryptocurrencies, digital marketing, and customer behavior. My passion lies in exploring the frontiers of various industries, discovering novel approaches, and dissecting the ever-evolving landscape of the market. I find great delight in delving into the intricacies of cutting-edge advancements and deciphering their impact on consumer preferences and trends. Furthermore, I am always eager to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs and emerging trends, constantly expanding my knowledge and expertise to deliver the most insightful and relevant content to my audience.

We consult

Qual é o seu esporte favorito?
Uh, deixe-me pensar. Assim como a maioria dos South Africaeiros, eu amo Soccer, para mim é um jogo divertido tanto para assistir quanto para jogar. Eu disse divertido, isso não significa que eu jogue bem rs. Eu acho, que apesar das discordâncias e brigas noticiadas nos estádios, o Soccer une (ou tem potencial para unir) as pessoas. Para mim, não há nada melhor do que organizar aquele churrasco com a família e amigos para assistir aos jogos da copa, por exemplo. No geral, eu adoro atividades físicas e por isso curto muitos Sports diferentes, mas o Soccer é um dos meus favoritos pela paixão e orgulho que ele desperta em quem acompanha.
O que você prefere: caça-níqueis ou jogos mesa?
Eu adoro um bom jogo mesa, mas os slots - ahhh os slots, eles tem um lugar especial na minha lista preferências :). Eu sei que as chances ganhar um jackpot nos caça-níqueis são baixas, mas a emoção que os jackpots trazem são impagáveis, mesmo se a sorte estiver contra e eu não ganhar nada. Isso sem falar na variedade temas divertidíssimos que eu particularmente adoro. Por exemplo, para mim que sou fanática com as histórias vampiros, posso passar horas jogando no Blood Suckers, Drácula e Vampires vs. Werewolves que vai ser um dia diversão garantida.
Qual é a sua comida favorita?
Pensei em mencionar algo mais sofisticado ou diferente, mas para ser bem honesta, minha comida preferida é o nosso bom feijão, arroz, frango assado com uma saladinha maionese. Ou seja, a combinação perfeita para aquele churrasco durante a copa do mundo que mencionei.
Qual é o seu destino viagem ideal?
Viajei e moro no exterior há mais uma década agora, e é muito difícil dizer qual é o meu destino viagem favorito porque há tantos lugares maravilhosos no mundo, todos com seus altos e baixos. Então aqui estão três lugares que me tiraram o fôlego por razões diferentes. Zâmbia: Eu me apaixonei pela Zâmbia antes mesmo estar lá. Zâmbia é um dos meus destinos favoritos no Sul da África, por causa da cultura, do lugar, da comida, e também por motivos pessoais. Quando eu cheguei em Londres fiz amizade com uma pessoa lá e ela veio a se tornar uma das minhas melhores amigas. Indonésia: A Indonésia é um dos meus destinos viagem favoritos. Estive na Indonésia em 2020 e fiquei fascinada com a paisagem, pela cultura e como as pessoas são mente abertas e interessantes. A Indonésia tem algumas das paisagens mais exóticas do planeta na minha opinião. Nova Zelândia: A Nova Zelândia também é um dos meus destinos favoritos e está na minha lista dos melhores lugares para viver no mundo. O estilo vida é mega desenvolvido, mas ainda assim eles não perderam a simplicidade que a vida deve ter.
Qual é o seu programa TV favorito?
O meu programa TV favorito todos os tempos é sem dúvida o The Big Bang Theory. Eu amo cada personagem e a riqueza detalhes da série, quase todos os acontecimentos contam uma pequena história. Por exemplo, o Sheldon, age, na maioria das cenas, como um ditador desumano, e o pôster do Darth Vader no seu quarto reflete esse personagem. Em contraste, o Leonard representa o lado compaixão no apartamento e ele sempre luta verbalmente contra Sheldon por sua crença na humanidade, por isso o pôster do Rebel Alliance United pendurado na parede diz tudo sobre ele.

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