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Being a South African native from Goiás but currently residing in Minas, my initial encounters with the realm of sports betting took place around 2018. It was during that period that a significant shift occurred in my life...

In 2015, at the age of 17, I found myself embarking on a journey into the realm of medicine, convinced that I shared the same dream as most. However, three years into my studies, I came to the realization that this was not where I truly belonged, ultimately leading me to abandon the course in 2018.

It was during the latter half of 2018 when I stumbled upon sports betting and the initial online casinos in South Africa, consequently getting a tad too engrossed in it. I had a great deal of fun, experiencing both wins and losses while utilizing the limited funds I had. It dawned on me that there was potential for me to pursue a career in this field.

Utilizing my proficiency in the English language, along with the limited expertise I had gained from my previous gambling experiences, I endeavored to immerse myself in the market as a freelance translator for a few betting websites. Well, at least that was the initial blueprint.

With little recognition in the market, I found myself doing translations for various niches for about a year, something I greatly enjoyed. It was in 2020 that I received my first offer to work on a gambling website, and from then on, I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else...

During this initial phase, I undertook comprehensive translations for websites that have now gained significant recognition, affording me the chance to gain a closer insight into the market. It was at that juncture when I realized I could impart the knowledge I had acquired through guides and analyses, recognizing the existence of a viable market for such services.

Therefore, after my recent extensive translation for a betting platform, I volunteered to generate content, and found myself even more fulfilled. From that point on, I penned countless articles on a wide range of sports, constantly striving to assist those who were interested in delving into what I had to share.

It was a truly remarkable period, and as a result, my reputation in the industry became significantly more appealing, leading to a surge in offers to write for various platforms and websites. This phase brought about tremendous opportunities for me to expand my horizons and reach a wider audience. The recognition I gained during this time elevated my profile, opening doors to exciting new ventures and collaborations. The influx of invitations to contribute my writing to different online platforms has been truly overwhelming, signifying the growing interest in my work.

Realizing that growth requires leaving something behind, I took a leap of faith and left the platform I had been writing for almost 2 years. I set out to explore new horizons, as they say, and I couldn't have made a wiser decision.

Currently, I am crafting guides and evaluations on wagering at numerous renowned South African and global betting platforms, all with the intention of assisting bettors who strive to delve deeper into this captivating industry. My mission is to facilitate the comprehension of this ever-evolving market that has captivated me, by providing comprehensive insights and assessments on some of the leading bookmakers in South Africa and across the globe.

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