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Review and classification of the XTB South Africa brokerage in 2024.

Is XTB brokerage reliable?

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With over 15 years of experience, XTB brokerage stands as one of the largest publicly traded brokerage firms worldwide. Renowned for its reliability and robust trading application, XTB ensures a seamless trading experience. Upholding stringent regulations, XTB prioritizes financial transparency and guarantees the security that comes with a well-established track record in the market.

This broker provides exceptional customer service through multiple channels, a comprehensive range of trading tools with the xStation 5 and MetaTrader 4 trading platforms, and highly competitive market Review - both internally and with trusted third-party providers. Keep reading.

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XTB: Pros and cons
  • Low forex rates
  • Fast and free deposits and withdrawals
  • Quick account opening
  • Limited wallet for CFDs and FX.
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    Douglas Uggioni

    Cryptocurrencies - Trade cryptocurrencies 7 days a week.

    Cryptocurrency trading is a definite feature provided by XTB. It is worth noting that their platform offers a wide array of 25 major cryptocurrencies, ranging from popular options like bitcoin and ether to alternative coins such as dash, ripple, and stellar. What sets XTB apart is the flexibility they offer to their cryptocurrency users, allowing them to trade with leverage of either 1:5 or 1:4 seven days a week.

    XTP provides market execution for cryptocurrency trades, ensuring that your transactions are processed with utmost speed to prevent new quotes from interfering with your orders. Experience rapid trade execution with XTP, allowing you to stay ahead of market fluctuations and seize opportunities efficiently. Our advanced trading platform ensures seamless execution, enabling you to trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly and capitalize on market movements swiftly. Trust XTP to facilitate swift and precise trade execution, empowering you to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies with ease.

    Typically, when you make a purchase of bitcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange, you don't truly own those coins until you transfer them to a cryptographic wallet with a private key.

    Unlike traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, XTB's bitcoin traders have access to cryptocurrency CFDs. This grants you the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency prices rather than purchasing the actual cryptocurrency itself.

    For a prime example of our highly competitive cryptocurrency trading platform at XTB, take a moment to explore our comprehensive review of Pepperstone, a leading online brokerage. You'll discover firsthand the superior value and advantages we offer in comparison to other platforms. Our commitment to excellence in the digital currency market sets us apart from the competition, making us the preferred choice for traders seeking optimal opportunities. With our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, XTB is your trusted partner in navigating the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading.

    Other negotiations - Trade with massive leverage.

    In addition to cryptocurrencies, XTB provides access to nearly 4,000 stocks, 22 commodities, and 49 Forex pairs. As part of their extensive securities offerings, this brokerage presents over 7,000 cash stocks, encompassing 150 unique ETFs.

    During our XTB review, we stumbled upon a wide array of commodity markets encompassing metals, energy, and agriculture. Alongside these, we also discovered an assortment of major and minor forex pairs, as well as a selection of exotic currency pairs.

    Forex pairs can be traded with leverage of 1:500 and minimal spreads. In the commodities markets, you will discover a wide range of spreads and leverage options, along with over 10 diverse international stock markets – encompassing the markets of the United States, United Kingdom, and various European markets.

    Accepted jurisdictions and types of currencies.

    XTB is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, the Financial Supervision Authority of Poland, and the Indian Financial System Code, making it accessible to South African traders.

    The account's base currency selection may seem limited at first with XTB, as it primarily offers USD, GBP, and EUR options. However, you also have the flexibility to operate accounts in HUF and PLN, expanding your range of choices.

    Trading cryptocurrency on XTB with a single currency will save you money on conversion fees. However, since BRL is not an accepted account currency, you can open a multi-currency bank account. By becoming an international XTB user, you will discover that USD is the only available account currency.

    Texas - How much can I trade on XTB?

    One of the key advantages of trading with XTB is the absence of deposit fees. Nevertheless, there is a 2% charge when using Skrill, and a 1% fee for deposits made with Neteller. Withdrawals exceeding US$100 or €80 are exempt from any fees; however, for any amount below that, a charge of US$20 or €16 will be applied.

    The majority of cryptocurrency trading fees at XTB can be found in variable spreads. The spread encompasses the commission price, and we can affirm that XTB's spreads are low when compared to most competing brokers.

    There are numerous trading opportunities available on the XTB platform, as most cryptocurrency pairs exhibit a spread ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%, ensuring a high level of liquidity and uninterrupted 24/7 trading. Consequently, a plethora of crypto assets can be utilized for various transactions.

    It is worth noting that if you are using a standard account, there will be no commissions applied to cryptocurrencies. However, commissions for professional account holders are set at $3.5. Please bear in mind that no fees will be charged for crypto transactions with a regular account, but professional account holders will have to pay a fixed fee of $3.5.

    Security, usability, and user experience - An intuitive platform

    Inexperienced buyers will find themselves at ease when navigating through XTB's website. The minimum trading volume for forex, indices, and commodities starts at 0.01 per lot, with a maximum limit ranging between 15 and 50 lots. XTB's cryptocurrency traders can place orders with minimum quantities ranging from 0.01 to 1000, based on the specific type of cryptocurrency being traded.

    High regulation also comes with high security. XTB goes to great lengths to protect its clients and their funds. Personal and financial data are highly encrypted, and assets are safeguarded when deposited in hand-picked prestigious banking institutions chosen by XTB. XTB conducts regular internal audits of the selected banks and assesses the security measures before deciding to continue using them.

    The XTB website boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface, with each section clearly delineated for easy navigation. From cryptocurrency updates to market news, you can swiftly access a trove of information. The internally developed trading platform, xStation 5, is meticulously designed and exceptionally beginner-friendly.

    The process of finding and placing orders is made effortless with the highly customizable platform that features a user-friendly search bar called "Market Observation." It offers a seamless experience, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through the system and locate the desired products or services. With just a few clicks, customers can explore a wide range of options and complete their orders without any hassle. The platform's intuitive design ensures a smooth and efficient transaction process, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking convenience and simplicity.

    The XTB website's design ensures effortless legibility and comprehension of each digit. With an elegant white background and dark text, it creates a pleasing visual experience that greatly minimizes fatigue when focusing on rapidly changing markets.

    XTB also offers the option to customize notifications, such as for significant events, withdrawals, margin calls, or even reminders for open/closed positions. You have the flexibility to set up alerts that keep you informed and updated on various aspects of your trading journey. Stay connected and in control with XTB's notification feature, ensuring you never miss out on crucial information or opportunities. Whether it's staying updated on market movements or managing your account effectively, XTB has got you covered with its comprehensive notification system. Experience the power of real-time alerts and take your trading experience to the next level with XTB.

    The MetaTrader 4 and xStation 5 trading platforms can be found on both the Apple and Google Play app stores, ensuring compatibility with nearly all smartphones. You can easily access these platforms by downloading them from the respective app stores, allowing you to trade and monitor the markets no matter where you are. With the availability of these platforms on popular app stores, it has become convenient for traders to access their accounts and execute trades on-the-go. Whether you prefer using an iPhone or an Android device, you can enjoy the full range of trading features and tools offered by these platforms.

    How to trade - Our XTB trading guide

    To create an account with XTB, you have two options: accessing the broker's website or downloading the xStation mobile application. Regardless of your preference, simply click on "Create an account" to get started. You will be prompted to provide your country of residence and agree to the terms and conditions. Once done, you're good to go!

    Before verifying your identity, you will need to provide XTB with personal information such as full name, net income, source of income, complete address, and contact details. Once you have chosen the account type and base currency, you will confirm the final terms and conditions.

    As with any licensed broker, you will need to go through a straightforward "Know Your Customer" (KYC) procedure, which we found to be quite effortless at XTB. Rest assured that this process ensures the utmost security and compliance with regulatory standards. By verifying your identity and assessing your financial knowledge and investment objectives, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our user-friendly platform guides you through each step of the KYC process, making it a seamless and hassle-free experience. At XTB, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients, which is why we have implemented these measures to establish a secure trading environment for all.

    To complete the verification process, we kindly request that you submit a scanned copy of your passport, driver's license, or identification card. Additionally, please provide us with utility bills or bank statements from the past three months, which must clearly display your residential address.

    At XTB, there is no minimum deposit required; however, if you wish to trade cryptocurrencies, you will need to meet at least the minimum transaction volume for the specific cryptocurrency. XTB offers several avenues for cryptocurrency trading, but the simplest method is through the "Market Watch" menu, where you can conveniently double-click on your desired market.

    The process remains incredibly straightforward with the implementation of dropdown menus. Select your position size and decide whether you'd like to apply a stop loss or take profit level. The "Market Watch" menu features an integrated calculator encompassing everything from spreads and commissions to pip values and daily swap points.

    The Market Watch window prominently displays the Buy (Long) and Sell (Short) buttons for convenient access. Additionally, these buttons can be effortlessly found on the market charts, ensuring easy execution of trading orders.

    If you are prepared to withdraw your funds, you can do so by accessing the trading platform. On the bottom right corner, you will locate the withdraw/deposit option. Simply input your account details and the indicated withdrawal amount.

    Payments - Pay however you want at XTB.

    XTB offers a variety of payment methods to cater to your needs. Whether you prefer bank transfers, credit cards, or debit cards, we've got you covered. With our range of options, you can easily trade using a prepaid card or your regular bank card. Rest assured that our payment methods are secure and reliable, providing you with a seamless trading experience.

    At XTB, the range of available e-wallets is extensive, offering a wide selection of popular services such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and SafetyPay. The availability of e-wallet options may vary based on your country of residence, meaning that residents in South Africa, for instance, may not have access to certain e-wallets like Sofort. Rest assured, however, that there are still plenty of reliable and convenient e-wallet choices to cater to your needs at XTB.

    Credit/debit card deposits are processed instantly, whereas bank transfers may take a few days to clear. Withdrawals can only be made through bank transfers but are quite swift - typically, all withdrawal requests initiated before 1 PM are credited to your account on the same day, while those made after that time arrive on the next business day.

    Beginner cryptocurrency traders, who are considering investing small amounts, will be pleased to know that XTB does not require a minimum deposit. There are some withdrawal fees for low amounts, so we recommend accumulating a sufficient balance before making a withdrawal.

    When it comes to working with the US currency, it is up to South African traders to determine how they want to handle transactions. However, we highly recommend PayPal as an excellent payment method option due to its lack of fees, unlike certain other e-wallet services. You have the freedom to decide on the arrangement of your transactions, and opting for PayPal can be advantageous in avoiding additional charges.

    Customer service - Industry-leading assistance

    Live chat, phone support, and email contact are all available at XTB in multiple languages - including less commonly spoken ones like Hungarian.

    Throughout our assessment of XTB for South African users, the agents provided us with exceptional and prompt assistance over the phone. Moreover, the live chat is exceptionally responsive, delivering highly valuable information to address any inquiries we had.

    The email support may take a few hours to receive a response, however, the broker also provides a call back service, where any additional inquiries will be addressed - including your initial questions.

    European customers have access to 24/5 customer support, whereas all international customers, including South African users, enjoy round-the-clock coverage, 24/7.

    We did not come across any additional VIP support options at XTB, but there really isn't a need for it when the service is exceptional for all customers. The excellent level of service provided ensures that every client receives top-notch assistance without the requirement for any supplementary VIP support choices. At XTB, there is no necessity to offer extra VIP assistance since their service is outstanding and caters to the needs of all clients equally. There is no need for further VIP options at XTB as their service is excellent for all customers, ensuring that every client receives exceptional support. Although XTB does not have any additional VIP support options, it is unnecessary considering the exceptional service provided to all customers.

    Is XTB reliable when it comes to licensing and security?

    Following a thorough assessment of the XTB brokerage, we have ascertained that this brokerage is reliable and authorized by multiple regulators, including a level 1 license from the Financial Conduct Authority. Since 2002, XTB has been operating and currently holds the following licenses:

    • The United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
    • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
    • Poland's Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF)
    • The Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV)
    • International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize.

    At XTB's website, rest assured that your personal information and financial transactions are safeguarded with top-notch SSL encryption. The verification of age occurs during the registration process and for payment transactions, ensuring the protection of minors. High-level SSL encryption is implemented on XTB's website to secure all personal data and financial transactions. Age verification is conducted during registration and for payment processes to guarantee the safety of minors. Personal data and financial transactions on XTB's website are shielded with state-of-the-art SSL encryption, offering advanced protection. During registration and payment procedures, age verification is carried out, ensuring the utmost security for minors. XTB's website employs robust SSL encryption to safeguard personal data and financial transactions, with age verification measures in place to protect minors.

    International customer accounts at XTB, including South African accounts, benefit from the fund segregation policy. Furthermore, the brokerage consistently provides reports to all regulatory agencies, ensuring transparency and accountability in managing the funds of over 200,000 clients.

    Customer Reputation and Feedback - An Award-Winning Supplier

    Upon conducting a thorough evaluation of XTB, we can affirm that this broker is immensely reputable and trustworthy. XTB is subject to stringent regulations and publicly trades its offerings. Our comprehensive Review has established the remarkable credibility and dependability of XTB in the financial realm. With a high level of regulation and a transparent trading environment, XTB ensures the utmost integrity and reliability for its clients.

    The cryptocurrency trading platform offered by XTB is highly valued by its users, as evidenced by the broker's consistently high ratings on reputable broker review websites. With a remarkable score of 92 on, and an impressive 4.1 rating on Trustpilot, it is clear that XTB's platform has earned the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

    XTB's feedback on such platforms is typically positive, with the majority rating the company as excellent and leaving many enthusiastic comments about personal experiences with specific members of the XTB team. Renowned for its exceptional trading platform and above-average customer service, XTB is regarded as an industry leader.

    Overall Conclusion - An outstanding brokerage here in South Africa.

    Following a thorough examination of XTB, we can verify that this broker provides competitive forex rates, expedited deposit and withdrawal processes, and a truly remarkable experience - particularly for novices.

    XTB's cryptocurrency traders enjoy the benefits of two highly intuitive trading platforms, a user-friendly website, and zero fees on new quotes. The platform offers a seamless trading experience with its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features. Additionally, XTB prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing an easy-to-navigate website that ensures a hassle-free trading journey. Traders can take advantage of zero fees on new quotes, enabling them to make informed decisions without incurring any additional costs. With XTB, cryptocurrency trading is made more accessible and user-friendly, empowering traders to navigate the market with confidence and ease.

    To highlight a few areas for improvement - the broker's portfolio might be deemed somewhat restricted in comparison to other major brokers, and only basic fundamental data is available for review, while users with international accounts can solely trade in US dollars.

    Despite this, XTB stands out when compared to other brokers, as it offers an exceptionally higher level of customer support, an educational platform that proves to be extremely valuable for traders of all skill levels, and a unique in-house trading platform. Nonetheless, what sets XTB apart is its unparalleled commitment to providing unmatched assistance to its clients, ensuring that their trading experience is smooth and successful. With a comprehensive range of educational resources, traders can enhance their knowledge and skills, empowering them to make informed investment decisions. Additionally, XTB's proprietary trading platform provides advanced tools and features, enabling traders to execute trades with precision and efficiency. When it comes to client support, XTB goes above and beyond, offering prompt and professional assistance through various channels, ensuring that traders receive the guidance they need, whenever they need it. Overall, XTB's dedication to customer service, educational resources, and innovative trading technology makes it a top choice for traders worldwide.

    At South Africa , we highly endorse XTB as the go-to platform for cryptocurrency trading, particularly for novice traders seeking an intuitive trading platform and aiming to kickstart their journey with minimal trade volumes. We believe XTB offers the perfect solution, allowing beginners to dip their toes into the market without significant risk while still gaining valuable experience. With XTB, you can navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading effortlessly and start your trading venture on the right foot. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the exciting realm of digital currencies with XTB.

    Frequently Asked Questions about the XTB brokerage

    Is XTB reliable?✅

    Before registering and depositing funds with a new broker, ensure that they are fully licensed and secure. Take a thorough look at our latest review of XTB, which evaluates the implemented security measures on their website, as well as providing a comprehensive list of the licenses held by this renowned online brokerage. Don't forget to peruse our evaluations of the top brokers to determine whether this particular broker may be the optimal choice for you.

    What can I trade on XTB?

    Are you in search of a new broker for online cryptocurrency trading? Top-notch online brokers provide a wide range of trading opportunities with great accessibility and user-friendly platforms. XTB's cryptocurrency traders can delve into a plethora of diverse trading markets and seize cryptocurrency trading prospects at XTB. Take a glance at our latest XTB review for a comprehensive list of trading markets.

    How can I receive a bonus from XTB?

    XTB does not provide any kind of bonus due to regulations. However, there are numerous other advantages offered when creating an account with this broker. To find out what is currently available on this exceptional platform, be sure to read our comprehensive XTB review. Explore everything right away.

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