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Top stocks to buy in 2024

Where to invest?

Douglas Uggioni

There was a time when it was nearly impossible for an average individual to purchase stocks without being exceedingly wealthy or having "connections" within the stock market.

In today's era, a great deal has changed in this regard, and now there are ample opportunities for everyone to invest in stocks. Discovering the finest stocks to purchase, whether in South Africa or global markets, is no longer a burdensome task, and there is more than one approach to getting involved in stock trading. Keep reading to learn more.

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What we will discuss in this guide

  • An overview of the various ways to trade shares
  • A glimpse into the performance of a few stocks.
  • Tips on how you can trade stocks for free.

What are stocks?

If you posed this question to a stockbroker, you would likely leave them startled as you are about to embark on an investment that you don't fully comprehend. In order to circumvent this awkward situation, we have devised a plan to commence this guide by elucidating the concept of stocks and essential factors to contemplate.

From a technical standpoint, an action symbolizes an individual unit of a company's total stock offering, even though, in contemporary trading terminology, including that utilized by stockbrokers, they are interchangeable.

But how does this apply to your investment activity? When you purchase shares of a company, you essentially become a stakeholder in the company. This means that you have a vested interest in its success and failure. As an shareholder, you have the potential to earn profits through dividends and capital appreciation. Additionally, you have the right to vote on important matters affecting the company's future direction. By owning stocks, you are participating in the growth and development of businesses, contributing to economic expansion, and potentially building wealth for yourself.

Shareholder return: Dividends and capital gains.

As a shareholder, you have the opportunity to reap rewards through the receipt of dividends or by opting to sell your stocks at a price higher than your initial purchase. By holding shares in a company, you become entitled to a portion of its profits, which are distributed as dividends. Alternatively, you can choose to sell your shares at a later date for a profit if their market value has increased. Both avenues offer potential financial gains, allowing you to maximize your investment and achieve a return on your initial capital.

However, a company may lack sufficient profits to pay dividends, even choosing not to distribute them. For instance, the business might decide to reinvest the generated earnings back into its operations instead of issuing dividends.

Economic and market conditions are the same as before.

When a company's stocks are listed on the stock market, their price can fluctuate depending on specific industry and company conditions (such as growth prospects, potential future earnings, etc.). However, not all stocks react in the same way to the same set of economic, market, or business conditions.

Share classes

There are two main categories of stocks - common stocks or ordinary stocks and preferred stocks or preference shares. In this guide, we will be using the term "stocks" to specifically refer to common stocks.

Your rights as a shareholder

Ordinary shareholders are entitled to participate in and vote at general meetings. In the event that the company in which you have invested is dissolved or liquidated, you have the right to any remaining assets after the payment of all liabilities (such as debts to creditors) of the company.

Different Approaches to Trading Stocks - Two Very Distinct Strategies to Consider

Before we delve into our guide on purchasing stocks, it is vital for you to grasp the fundamental disparity between the two primary methods of trading shares. It is of utmost importance that you acquire a complete comprehension of the dissimilarity between these two predominant approaches before we proceed any further in our comprehensive tutorial on stock acquisition.

Real Shares

When you invest in actual stocks, you are purchasing shares of a publicly traded company. In this scenario, you acquire the stocks, along with any accompanying entitlements such as annual dividend payments or voting rights in the company.

Stock CFDs

Trading stock CFDs is a completely distinct approach. A 'Contract for Difference' refers to a contract (with a stock broker) that enables speculation on whether the price of a specific stock will rise or fall within a specified timeframe. CFDs are a derivative product, derived from the underlying asset; as such, you do not gain ownership of the stock or any associated privileges.

Our favorite stock trading platforms

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How do stock brokers work?

In order to engage in stock trading, it is imperative to secure the services of a broker who will act as your intermediary. Typically, you would be required to remunerate your broker via quarterly or annual fees, and they would handle all transactions on your behalf.

This comprehensive service is still available, albeit at a significant price, but forward-thinking brokers are revamping their offerings to better prioritize costs.

Some even offer stock trading at no cost, only charging a commission on your profits. These are referred to as self-service platforms. This implies that you can avoid paying fees, but there may still be some additional costs involved when using the platform. Our suggestion is for you to ascertain these in advance before creating your account on a new platform.

CFD Provider

Finding a brokerage that offers stock CFDs is a much simpler task, but there is ample selection and some are considerably superior to others. We always advise opting for a CMN-regulated broker to ensure a more serene and financially secure start to your investments. There are plenty of options to choose from, and it's crucial to select wisely.

Best stocks to buy in South Africa: Ibovespa

South Africans are becoming increasingly conscious and interested in exploring more profitable investments.

Investing money in the financial market has emerged as a widely embraced alternative for wealth accumulation, surpassing the traditional choice of savings. This trend has attracted individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds in South Africa, who are increasingly exploring various avenues for investment. Previously considered the domain of the affluent, new opportunities in the stock market, among others, are now witnessing a surge in participation.

As a side note, it's worth mentioning that companies listed on any stock exchange are assigned a 'ticker symbol' for global identification purposes - essentially an abbreviation of the company's name and always depicted in uppercase letters. It's important to note that this ticker symbol plays a crucial role in tracking and trading stocks, serving as a unique identifier for each company in the financial markets. Therefore, investors and traders rely on these symbols to quickly and accurately identify the stocks they are interested in.

For instance, ULVR represents Unilever, while AZN stands for AstraZeneca. Not all of these ticker symbols are entirely self-explanatory, so it's helpful to know the ticker symbol for any stocks that pique your interest.

Top South African Stocks to Buy: Blue Chip Stocks

Blue Chip companies are the renowned global giants that we all recognize and rely on. The term "blue-chip" originates from poker, where the blue chips hold the highest value. These trusted industry leaders have established a solid reputation and have become synonymous with reliability. When it comes to investing or seeking dependable products and services, Blue Chip companies are the go-to choice. Their track record of success, stability, and strong financial performance sets them apart from the competition. With their extensive resources, innovative strategies, and exceptional management, these companies consistently deliver exceptional results. Choosing Blue Chip companies is like placing your bets on a winning hand in poker, where the blue chips represent the most valuable assets.

Hence, these companies are recognized for their solid financial standing and well-established status, further bolstered by a consistent track record of delivering high dividend payouts to their stakeholders. Such firms have earned themselves a reputation for being financially robust and reliable, ensuring steady returns for their investors.

This form of trading is widely favored by investors, likely due to the fact that such companies reside within their familiar territory and their performance is often highlighted in the media as well. It is a highly popular strategy embraced by traders who find comfort in investing in these companies, as their activities are frequently covered in the media.

Amazon serves as a prime exemplification of a top-tier entity, with its shares being traded on the NASDAQ-GS. This exchange exclusively accommodates elite companies, as they are mandated to adhere to stringent financial and liquidity requirements.

On the NASDAQ, Amazon's stock code is AMZN, but if you're looking to purchase Amazon shares while residing in the United Kingdom, for instance, reputable brokers will undoubtedly provide them through the London Stock Exchange, where they are identified by the code 0R1O.

CFDs - An alternative way to trade the best stocks.

For traders without available capital to invest in actual stocks, CFDs offer a practical and feasible alternative. Instead of purchasing and owning stocks, you will be speculating on whether the value of the stocks will increase or decrease. This also means that you can profit from a long or short position.

Here's a quick example to help you grasp the concept more effectively. Let's say you're looking to buy Apple stocks, and CFD brokers are currently displaying a price of $133 per share. Assuming you take a long position, if your prediction proves accurate and the stock rises to $134 per share, you can close the trade and make a profit. Not all CFD brokers use the stock ticker, but for reference, it is listed on NASDAQ as AAPL.

Since you will be engaging in a contractual agreement centered around the underlying asset, it implies that you will also forgo the ownership privileges associated with stocks, such as dividend payments. Nonetheless, trading CFDs requires significantly less initial capital and can be accessed through a wide array of South African brokerage firms.

One advantage of trading CFDs is the option to utilize leverage, enabling you to enter a trade with a comparatively modest deposit and assume a larger trading position by "borrowing" capital from your broker. It is important to note that leverage carries a proportionately higher risk, so exercising caution is crucial when leveraging. Another attractive aspect of CFD trading is the convenience of accessing various global markets, giving you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio and potentially capitalize on market fluctuations. However, it is essential to conduct thorough research, stay informed about market conditions, and employ risk management strategies to mitigate potential losses. By carefully considering these factors, you can make informed trading decisions and enhance your chances of achieving successful outcomes. Remember, trading CFDs involves speculation and may not be suitable for all investors.

Top CFD trading platforms for 2024.

Are all types of actions suitable for you?

Investing in stocks may not be suitable for everyone. Make sure you take the following steps before making any investment:

  • Are you knowledgeable about the factors and scenarios that can impact stock prices?
  • Understand the risks associated with stocks.
  • If you desire potentially higher returns, you must also be prepared for risks, which include the possibility of losing a significant portion or all of your investment. Furthermore, if leveraged, the loss could exceed your capital.
  • You can create a portfolio of assets that is sufficiently diverse (to avoid being overly concentrated in certain types of stocks or asset classes).
  • Are you ready to lock up your money for extended periods of time? It is usually preferable to have a longer investment horizon to withstand short-term price fluctuations for potentially greater gains.
  • You can invest time and find the best resources to monitor markets, corporate performance, as well as respond to corporate actions, such as rights issues.

Stock Sectors: The way different types of businesses are classified in the stock market.

The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) categorizes the stock market into eleven distinct sectors. These sectors encompass various industries and provide a comprehensive overview of the market's composition. Each sector represents a specific segment of the economy, enabling investors to analyze and evaluate different areas of investment. The classification system helps investors make informed decisions by organizing companies into sectors based on their primary business activities. The GICS classification is widely recognized and used in financial Review and market research. It serves as a valuable tool for understanding the stock market's structure and identifying investment opportunities within specific sectors.

  • Energy
  • Materials
  • industrial
  • Public utility services
  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Consumer discretionary
  • Consumer goods
  • Information Technology
  • Communication Services
  • Real estate

Comparing companies with similar general business interests becomes significantly easier through this process. Other divisions exist within each sector, encompassing 24 industrial groups, 69 industries, and 158 sub-industries. The ability to analyze and evaluate businesses within the same sector allows for a more comprehensive understanding of their respective markets and competitive landscapes. By categorizing companies based on their specific divisions and sub-industries, it becomes feasible to identify key players and trends within various sectors, thereby aiding in informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Market sectors are significant as they can provide an overview of the performance of specific types of businesses or particular sectors, rather than relying on a single example. It is worth noting that no sector is superior to another in terms of investment, and the top five routinely interchange positions on the list. Different industries hold relevance due to their ability to offer insights into the overall market trends and opportunities for investors. It is essential to consider the dynamic nature of these sectors and their constant evolution to make informed investment decisions.

If we take Tesla as an example, it falls under the consumer discretionary sector - although some experts argue that its stocks are more fitting for the IT sector. Regardless, if you want to purchase Tesla stocks, it's good to know that brokers list it on NASDAQ-GS with the ticker symbol TSLA in the discretionary section.

Conclusion: Top stocks to buy

As you can observe, even in a succinct overview of the stock trading market, this presents an intriguing and fulfilling avenue to incorporate variety into your portfolio. Whether you choose to engage in tangible stock investments or embark on the CFD route, comprehending the intricacies of the asset is perpetually essential for prosperous trading endeavors.

If you wish to expand your knowledge on the subject, make sure to explore the trading guides section on our website. Within this section, you will discover an array of guides covering various trading techniques and other valuable topics related to investments as a whole. These guides encompass selecting a broker or trading platform, alongside comprehensive broker reviews. Additionally, we provide detailed insights into the world of trading. Don't miss out on this wealth of information!

Ready to get started? Take a look at our guide on Eletrobras stocks and Americanas stocks - excellent companies to begin your investment journey. Whether you're interested in the energy sector or the retail industry, these stocks offer great opportunities for growth. Dive into our comprehensive Review and gain valuable insights into the financial performance, market trends, and potential risks of investing in these companies. Don't miss out on the chance to make informed investment decisions. Start your investment journey with Eletrobras and Americanas stocks today!

FAQs: Best stocks to buy

What is better, buying actual stocks or trading CFDs?

There is plenty to be said about both approaches, as they are entirely distinct methods of investing or trading, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. By perusing our trading guides, you will undoubtedly uncover which one is better suited for you. Dive deeper into the subject matter and gain a comprehensive understanding of these two distinct approaches, enabling you to make an informed decision.

⭐ What are the top stocks to purchase in South Africa at the present time?

It is uncertain whether you are referring to stocks of a specific company here in South Africa or which stocks to buy through a South African brokerage. To determine exactly what options are available to you, delve into our stock trading guides and peruse our trading information gallery; they will provide the necessary foundation for you to start your ventures on the right foot.

❓ How can one go about choosing a new brokerage firm?

There are two distinct categories of brokers based on your desired approach to trading stocks. It's advisable to begin by perusing our comprehensive guides that outline the disparities between the two options, equipping you with all the essential details.

Trading stocks is a legitimate form of trading in South Africa, and if you choose a brokerage regulated by CMN, your investment will be guaranteed to be kept safe. Some offshore brokers also offer services to South African traders, but if they are not licensed by CMN, you won't have the same level of protection. Learn more by reading our guides to stock trading and in-depth analyses of brokers available in the market.

What is the better stock, Apple or Amazon?

If you examine the stock prices of NASDAQ, you'll notice a significant variance in the value of these companies' shares. Nonetheless, there is a multitude of factors to consider when determining which stocks to invest in. Take a look at our comprehensive stock trading guides, where you can find ample assistance in making informed decisions regarding what and how to invest.

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